The Disaster Assistance Center (DAC) has moved from Mendocino College to a store front in the Raley's Shopping Center. DO NOT FAIL TO VISIT THE DAC IF YOU HAVE SUSTAINED ANY LOSSES ASSOCIATED WITH THE FIRE, EVEN IF YOU ARE FULLY INSURED!!! Should losses occur that are not included in your policy, other resources may be available--you can always turn down what you don't need, but at this time DECEMBER 11, 2017 is the DEADLINE for making application for any available benefits (unless a special extension is offered later). Representatives from many agencies (from FEMA to the Ca. Insurance Commission to the County's tax assessor) are there to assist you.

APPLICATION PERIOD FOR FEMA DISASTER ASSISTANCE: OCTOBER 10- DECEMBER 11, 2017, PER CANDICE CLEVELAND, FEMA DISASTER MANAGER. This deadline may be extended but for now, this is it. Do not miss out on any benefits to which you may be eligible, either as a business or resident or other person impacted by the Redwood Complex emergency. Even if you are fully insured, it's hard to predict the outcome of all this, so it's best to make an application for all eligible benefits; you can always turn them down later if not needed.


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Please attend our monthly RVMAC meetings:

Generally, meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday of every month from 5:00-7:00 pm at the Redwood Valley Grange/Guild. Please check out our up to date calendar below to see our meeting schedule. Thanks!

Next Regular Meeting: 

Wednesday, December 13th

5:00-7:00 p.m.

Redwood Valley Grange, 8650 East Rd., Redwood Valley. See Agenda/Minutes page for the Agenda.

Current (And Past) Events:



This is a troubled time. Fires continue to rage. Homes are evacuated. Many homes and businesses are destroyed and seriously damaged. Worse, lives are lost, and many are injured. Our beautiful countryside has been ravaged, and we have seen a benevolent and gentle Mother Nature turn vicious.  This is not business as usual, but as Sheriff Allman said today, this is the worst disaster to strike Mendocino County in 40 years.

Redwood Valley is hurting, but Redwood Valley is strong. We are caring, hopeful, energetic. We are down but we are not out. We will mourn our losses, but then we will move on. We will join our hands with those, friends and strangers, who are hurting. We will get stronger, put our heads down, and then we will repair. It will not be easy.

Members of the Redwood Valley Municipal Advisory Council have also lost homes, livelihoods, neighbors, possessions, and the sense of peace and security. We are in this together. The MAC will be working to coordinate meetings to help plan our next steps. Look here for updates.

Meanwhile, keep in touch with your friends and neighbors. Watch the weather. Listen to the Sheriff and other emergency responders. They are securing our community and we must let them do so without hampering their operations. Register your cell numbers with so that you will receive updates. Progress is being made. Fire lines are established, defensive operations in place, PG&E is sending 100 technicians to Redwood, Potter, Willits areas to reestablish power. Gas must be turned on one house at a time, propane tanks and power lines secured. Temporary cell sites are up. This fire is #3 in priority among all the State's wildfires, meaning that resources are being cut loose from fires in places such as Orange County and being reassigned to our area. You will see firefighters and law enforcement from all over California and the Western states acting as YOUR emergency response staff, by means of the Master Mutual Aid system. You've seen a massive mustering of air operations, the largest in US history, flying right over our community. The County holds daily press conferences at the admin center on Low Gap, open to all and led by the Sheriff and a management team that will answer your questions then and there. They are working to open up our homes again--safely--as soon as possible. They are patrolling our streets to ensure protection from looters, fire re-starts, and other hazards. Masks to help with the particulate pollution have been ordered by the county. Many other resources are incoming. We are not alone.

If you are able and want to help, contact the American Red Cross at 1-800-733-2767; contact the Salvation Army; contact the Community Foundation of Mendocino County and North Coast Opportunities to volunteer. GIVE CASH OR CASH CARDS; MOST GOODS ONLY ADD TO THE MANAGEMENT CHALLENGES!  Help is wanted and needed, and as usual, the generosity of our community will be central to helping assuage the needs.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and keep your eyes on the weather.

  • BIG NEWS AUGUST 1, 2017--Today, the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors approved the Formula Business Ordinance creating a Community Character Combining District for Redwood Valley and most of the rural areas of the County. The import is that any "formula" (chain store/restaurant) business must go through a minor use permit process, thus requiring a public process for any approval by Planning Commission or Board. Conceptually, any future such store (example: a Dollar General, for instance) would have to go through a public process and the approval bodies would be EMPOWERED to turn down the permit, based on a community's input and other factors listed in the ordinance (it's on the Board website--factors are pretty broad). That means that Mendo County communities now have a new tool to compel their representatives to deny a formula business. Recall that the RV Dollar General received a "permit by right" with no conditions or consideration of public process. It's a great step forward. BUT permits approved before the moratorium was adopted (namely, the RV Dollar General) can still go forward. So, we haven't stopped this Dollar General yet--but the RV Market owners have taken this to court (see below), and the alcohol sales permit is still under dispute. The RV MAC hasn't given up yet--and neither should you!! Keep the RV MAC strong, attend meetings, and follow this space!
  • More planning--The Food Policy Council and the Community Foundation of Mendocino County (our sponsor for the updated RV Plan) invite interested parties to help plan for farming, food, and economic needs this JUNE 28 AND 29 in Ukiah--take a look:
  • Yep, Da Plan--Over 70 of your friends and neighbors (and you?) attended the June 14 Planning meeting, which was facilitated by consultant, Cliff Paulin. We were an idea-generating machine! Look for further coverage on this page.
  • DA PLAN, DA PLAN!! Uh, Fantasy Island was a long time ago-and so was the last update to the Redwood Valley Community Action Plan (2004-see Resources section of this website). That plan was a great start. It led to the RV Farmers Market (THIS SUNDAY at 9:30!), but it couldn't stop the Dollar General. What do WE RESIDENTS want for RV? Come to a special meeting June 14, 6 pm, to have your say! We need a NEW VISION for our future. Time to make that happen. More info upcoming.

  • The Chehada brothers, owners of the RV Market, have NOT given up on the fight against Dollar General! They filed the next step of their suit in court in San Francisco. Even though the DG site has closed escrow, DG has not begun to build--and this is why! RV residents also continue to pursue denial of yet another alcohol license at the DG site. Watch this site and go to MAC meetings to stay in touch!
  • Recent Ukiah Unified School District Public Meeting took place May 17 at 5 pm: What to do with the RV school on School Way? For further info, see below and go to UUSD website, "7-11 Committee".
  • RVMAC receives approval of Community Foundation Grant to update RV Community Plan! The Community Action Plan for RV, which can be viewed in our Resources section, was written in 2004. It's outdated--doesn't reflect the community's objections to formula stores, nor language for how we view the future of our community. Watch for how YOU can participate in creating a new VISION and PLAN for Redwood Valley! Coming this Spring and Summer!!
  • Redwood Valley Grange Members Sweep the Valley! On Saturday, March 18, members of the Grange did some major spring cleaning along the roads in RV! Check it out: the trash alongside the roads is gone! Thanks to all the wonderful Grange members who helped on this project! Now let's all help KEEP REDWOOD VALLEY TRASH-FREE!
  • Chehada Suit Against Dollar General. On 1/11/17, Judge Henderson issued his ruling, denying the Chehadas' suit. The final ruling was supposed to be issued in February. Watch for future information here.
  • ABC Replied to our Letters.  On Dec. 20, 2016, the Dept. of Alcohol Beverage Control replied to letters sent by concerned citizens last year (over 130 letters) opposing issuance of an alcohol license to Dollar General. Look to this site for upcoming comments about what ABC said and what RV can do.
  • Formula Business Ordinance News--A moratorium was established in Sept. 2015, and renewed in 2016, against permitting any "formula" (chain other than gas station or restaurant) business in the unincorporated area of the county. It will be replaced by a pending "formula business" ordinance. As of March 20, 2017, interim County Planning Chief, Nash Gonzalez, proposes bringing the current Draft ordinance before the Board, probably in April. GO TO THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS' WEBSITE, 3/20/17 AGENDA ITEM 5F, to read the current information!

  • Dollar General--Community opposition to a proposed store provided the impetus for forming the Redwood Valley Municipal Advisory Council. Despite over 1700 signatures against the store, a law suit by the owners of the Redwood Valley Market, and other widespread opposition, it's likely the market will indeed be built near the intersection of School Street and East Road. The suit was heard on December 9 at Superior Court, and will likely be decided by the end of 2016. Click here for background and current status:
  • Sheriff Tom Allmän Sent letters to Alcohol Beverage Control in 2016 regarding Dollar General: Read the letters here: