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  • Dollar General

HEY, THIS IS OLD NEWS NOW--BUT THIS IS WHERE WE THOUGHT WE WERE IN EARLY MARCH!!! Dollar General and the Department of Alcohol Beverage Control Status--If you originally PROTESTED the issuance of an alcohol license by ABC to Dollar General, you should now be in receipt of a certified letter from ABC wherein they recommend issuance of the license with a few minor and insignificant conditions. This doesn't in any way reduce community concerns about this alcohol permit. Therefore, be sure to SIGN THE LETTER (RETAIN A COPY), AND RETURN IT TO ABC, ATTN. OFFICE OF LEGAL SERVICES, 3927 LENNNAE DR., SUITE 100, SACRAMENTO, CA. 95834, BEFORE 5 PM ON FEBRUARY 27, 2018. This should result in the scheduling of an Administrative Law Judge hearing in Mendocino County, where we can again present our concerns about this alcohol license. For further information, come to the RVMAC meetings (Feb 14, Mar 14) or call the ABC District Office in Santa Rosa at (707) 576-2165. Don't give up!

  • Interesting article about DOLLAR GENERAL and their strategy for expansion:

  • What's happening with Dollar General? [2/9/18--newest info, see TOP OF THIS PAGE.] There are so many other, more critical matters, but the DG saga continues.As we understand it, the Chehada brothers, who run the Redwood Valley Market, continue to pursue legal objections to the DG store in Redwood Valley. Meanwhile, over 130 local residents had filed requests for a hearing with the Dept .of Alcoholic Beverage Control last year, with objections to the permitted sale of alcoholic beverages at the planned DG. ABC sat on these protests for many months, apparently having referred the issues to their legal department. On Oct. 12, 2017--during the Redwood Complex Fire emergency--ABC issued notices to us that we needed to file a written request to their offices by Nov. 2, 2017, if we still wished to have a hearing about our protests. After RV MAC member Sheilah Rogers and others contacted ABC and our local State legislative delegation, the latter representatives interceded with ABC to request a delay in this deadline. [We won't discuss here the violations of State regulations and rules regarding ABC's approach; nor the fact that many of ABC's certified letters to residents have not been delivered due to the emergency (no doubt for various unfortunate reasons); nor the apparent necessity of the intervention of our elected representatives to convince ABC to change their approach.] Result: On Nov. 1, 2017, ABC's Chief Counsel, Jacob L. Rambo, sent via U.S. Mail a notice to some of us (not sure of everyone who got this revised letter) saying new letters will be mailed to protestors after January 1, 2018. At that time, we will have only a short time (15 business days from date of receipt of that revised letter) to renew our written protests. In the interim, those of us who have any of these ABC letters may send requests for a hearing, in writing, to ABC. That protest letter will constitute your only needed request for hearing. Mail or FAX your completed request for hearing to: Dept. of ABC, Attn: Office of Legal Services, 3927 Lennane Dr., Suite 100, Sacramento, CA 95834, FAX # (916) 419-2504. In his Nov. 1 letter, Mr. Rambo adds, "In the meantime, we stand ready to assist yours and other impacted communities in recovering from this terrible disaster."
  • Interesting article about DOLLAR GENERAL and their strategy for expansion:

  • Faizan Project--A fuel station and mini-market on N. State St., fronting the 101, near Mario's restaurant. This project has been discussed several times at the MAC, and public input incorporated into am updated letter to the Planning and Building Services Department of the County (which has approved the project). For the RVMAC's positions, click below:

  • Black Minor Subdivision--A request by the Black family to further subdivide a parcel on Uva Rd. to create 4 residential parcels. The RVMAC sent comments to the County and raised questions about the standards required by the County to  approve drilling of a well. Click here for RVMAC's comments:

  • Skull Mountain- No permit have been requested at this time for the former Light property recently bought by Mr. Tong. Linked below is some useful info about the 1,724 acre property. Local residents are concerned about prior environmental felonies committed by Mr. Tong's company in Dublin, Ca.