Development Review

This Ad Hoc Committee is chaired by Alex De Grassi and includes members Debra Ramirez and Cassie Taaning. Its purpose is one of the chief functions of a MAC: the review and assessment of every development project that is proposed within the RVMAC's boundaries. The Committee relies on notification from the County and other agencies about projects. Committee comments on projects can include recommended mitigations, questions, suggested notifications, or no comments, and will always include liaison with the community. For important projects with large potential impacts, input from the Redwood Valley community is vital.

Community Plan Update

The Redwood Valley Community Plan was last updated in 2004, with input from over 100 RV residents under the auspices of a $10,000 grant obtained by the County. While the community expected the Plan to be incorporated into the 2009 update of the County General Plan, apparently that didn't happen. Now, the RV MAC intends to engage with the entire RV community to update the Plan, creating a Vision document and a path toward that vision. Ultimately, that Plan should be incorporated into County documents such as the General Plan and the Zoning Code. This committee is chaired by Marybeth Kelly, and anticipates working throughout 2017. The first Community meeting was held in June and a second one will occur in October 2017. Read the current Plan under the Resources section of this website. WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? The County General Plan and Zoning Code pretty much allow ANY kind of business to open in Redwood Valley areas zoned for Commercial development, and that means there are few controls to prevent developments that residents might not like (such as a Dollar General, cigarette store, strip club, cannabis dispensaries etc.). If LOCAL Redwood Valley residents want any sort of control over what gets built here and what operates here, we need to define that in THE PLAN, and get those controls into the County's documents, too! 

Media and Outreach Ad Hoc Committee

This committee is expected to form in early 2017, and is intended to direct a public outreach component of the MAC. The RV MAC will achieve optimum effectiveness only with the widest community participation, and with active coordination with the County and other governing agencies. If you, or someone you know, has experience with public relations and/or media and would like to volunteer to help, please visit the Contacts section of this website and let us know!