The Redwood Valley Community Action Plan was issued in 2004 with the participation of over 100 residents of Redwood Valley. It was developed under a grant approved by the County Board of Supervisors, and contains a number of goals that were important to the community participants. Some of the goals have been accomplished (a Farmer's Market) and others weren't. But in the immortal words of Ferris Bueller, things move pretty fast around here--and the Plan needs to be updated. For example, the proposed and unpopular siting of a Dollar General in the heart of our little commercial area in no way fits the community character, and may pose threats to both the physical environment and our way of life. Clearly, such a development didn't fit the goals of the 2004 Plan, which failed to be incorporated into the County General Plan. The County enacted a temporary moratorium on such "formula stores" from being built outside of greater Ukiah--but what about after the moratorium? Will the County's new ordinance be strong enough to prevent similar stores from being built? And does our vision of Redwood Valley's future include ANY such stores? We need to update the plan to reflect our current vision, and then push for county policies that SUPPORT our vision rather than to detract from it.

If you are interested in helping to create our vision and update our plan, go to the Contacts section of this website and let us know. Marybeth Kelly is helping to lead the effort to update the Redwood Valley Community Action Plan. See the link below to read the 2004 Plan, and begin thinking about how it needs to be improved.

We have been holding another round Redwood Valley Community Meetings at the Grange to define the character of Redwood Valley and to imagine the best future for our town. We have held 2 meetings so far and are planning the 3rd and final meeting. Stay tuned for when this will take place. We need community involvement! Please join us!