Community Meeting, 6:30 pm, Wednesday, January 17, Eagle Peak School. Be there for the latest information from County, State, and Federal staff.

  • JOB OPPORTUNITIES!!! 5 temporary, part-time staff needed to perform LIAISON activities between the fire debris removal contractors (now, CERES) and fire victims who lost homes. This has been an area of frustration and confusion, so if you want to help your neighbors, call to apply at 707-462-6944 ASAP!!! Those with construction, administrative, and communication skills would be particularly valuable!!!!! [posted 1/10/18]

IMPORTANT DEADLINE WAS: MONDAY, DEC. 11 FOR ALL FED LOANS, GRANTS, AND OTHER ASSISTANCE--For losses from the Redwood Complex Fire. Assistance may be available from FEMA, SBA, other agencies. Property owners, renters, businesses-anyone who experienced a loss-should apply, even if you don't think you need the help now or believe you are fully insured; things can change!

  • Business owners and nonprofits located in the designated counties may qualify for up to $2 million in low-interest SBA disaster loans both for physical and economic damage. Homeowners may qualify for up to $200,000 for home damage. Homeowners and renters can apply for up to $40,000 to replace personal property. Call 800-659-2955 or visit for more information.

  • Watch this space for upcoming information about forming Firesafe Councils in Redwood Valley--let's bring safety home to our neighborhoods! The first training was held at the Grange Nov 29; more sessions will be scheduled after the new year.
  • Want to find out how to make Mendocino County safer from disastrous wildfires? Then YOU ARE INVITED to come to a meeting at the RV Grange at 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on November 29 (Wednesday after Thanksgiving). The Mendocino Fire Safe Council, CalFire, and other professionals will spend the morning discussing how we can participate in "hardening" our homes and neighborhoods against wildfire, with the afternoon spent on technical information and the ecology of fire. A Fire Safe Council is functioning along Black Bart Trail, and representatives from that group will share information. Lunch will be provided for free BUT YOU MUST REGISTER. To do so, go to:   or call Hannah Bird at 707-744-1424 ext. 105. THE MORE OF US WHO MAKE OUR PROPERTIES SAFER, AND PLAN TOGETHER, THE BETTER WE WILL WITHSTAND FUTURE WILDFIRES both small and large. JOIN US!!!

Fire Safe Council Public Meeting 112917.jpg
  • On November 21, RV MAC members Chris Boyd and Sheilah Rogers participated in a conference call with State Senator Mike McGuire and his staff to discuss fire event follow-up. Among the issues reported by Senator McGuire: 1) A State effort is underway to examine the issues of early warning, and to support a state-wide standard to enhance systems and planning for early alert and warning. Much work is needed, and the responsibilities for that will be both state and local. 2) Work is in process to assess budget proposals for fire safety and response for the Governor's budget, which will come out January 10, 2018. Additional funds for mutual aid resources for CalFire, support for counties that experienced the fire storms, and related issues are expected to be considered. 3) The North Bay Fire Relief fund, administered locally by North Coast Opportunities, is providing emergency funding, gift cards for students who experienced losses, and a Dec. 12 (5:30-7 p.m.) get together at the Ukiah Conference Center. Look for upcoming announcements about this fun event. 4) Reimbursements for temporary staff and for mental health counseling, both in support of fire recovery, may be available to Mendocino County through OES and FEMA funding. Senator McGuire is looking into these opportunities. Finally, Mike McGuire and staff want to know how Redwood Valley residents are doing; it's never a bad idea to call their offices at 707-468-8914. Also, feel free to use the Comment form on the CONTACT page (see "button" at top of this page) to send along your views for us to share with our representatives.
  • THOSE WHO LOST HOMES, APARTMENTS, JOBS, INCOME, ETC. IN THE FIRESTORM may apply for immediate grants of up to $1,000 for essentials. Apply to North Coast Opportunities (NCO) for grants provided by North Bay Fire Relief Fund:  www.ncoinc.ord/2017-fire/  or pick up an application at NCO offices in Ukiah (413 N. State St.), Lakeport, or Clearlake. Return applications in person or to: BY NOVEMBER 28!!! More information is available at  so be sure to apply. 

DISASTER ASSISTANCE CENTER: See HOME page of RV MAC website. Also go to the County's website for updated fire information and announcements of the next community meeting(s)!!

The deadline for the north bay fire region to sign a Right of Entry (ROE) form for debris cleanup by the public agencies as NOVEMBER 13. (Late applications MAY be considered on a case by case basis). As of Nov. 15, 75% of those who lost residences had applied. If you wish to take advantage of government's offer of free cleanup and transport of burned debris from structures, get to the DAC or Planning/Building Services and submit the ROE form! The first pass for household hazardous materials (HHM) removal was completed by the week of Nov. 21. Fire debris removal began the week of November 10 and is proceeding daily (no breaks), as can be observed by the removal vehicles we see daily.

As noted above, renters as well as property owners, may apply for emergency grants to North Coast Opportunities--but move quickly. These grants, offered via the North Bay Fire Relief Fund, may also have a deadline: November 28!!!

The application period to register for FEMA assistance in Disaster 4344 California Fires is October 10, 2017 through December 11, 2017.

It is not unusual to have the registration period to extended if it is indicated that the numbers of the population effected have not registered in the allowed time. If it is extended, it will be announced to the general public. REFER TO THE FLOWCHART BELOW FOR HOW TO FOLLOW THE PROCESS; BENEFITS ARE AVAILABLE FROM MANY SOURCES SO FOLLOW THE FLOWCHART TO OBTAIN MAXIMUM BENEFIT--EVEN IF YOU ARE INSURED, THERE MAY BE UNANTICIPATED EXPENSES. THESE ARE YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK SO DON'T HESITATE TO USE THESE BENEFITS!!!!

Important Debris Removal Information from the County! Click button below. 

**Read below for information on
applying for and receiving direct assistance.**

Dear Neighbor,

As the massive storm of wildfires is brought under control, I want to say two words: Thank You! The firefighters, law enforcement & National Guard risked their lives for our communities and we couldn't be more grateful for their tireless work.

We're focused on recovery and if you lost your home to the wildfires, The North Bay Fire Relief Fund is here to help.

Partnering with Redwood Credit Union, Redwood Credit Union Community Fund and The Press Democrat, the Relief Fund is focused on neighbors who are in greatest need. Neighbors who lost their homes can apply for an immediate $1,000 to assist with essentials such as rent, food, clothing and other personal necessities.

We are also investing an immediate $750,000 to provide every student in Lake, Sonoma, Mendocino and Napa Counties with a $250 gift card to replace school clothes and supplies.

We've made it super simple to apply for and receive direct assistance. We're working with two great organizations – United Way of the Wine Country in Sonoma County and North Coast Opportunities in Mendocino and Lake Counties – that will immediately process applications.

Here's how to apply in Sonoma County:

Here's how to apply in Mendocino and Lake Counties:

  • We’ve partnered with North Coast Opportunities (NCO) for fund application and disbursements.

  • Applications are available at:

  • Return completed application to or to any NCO office (open M-F 9AM to 5PM):

    • Ukiah: 413 N State Street, Ukiah CA 95482

    • Lakeport: 850 Lakeport Blvd, Lakeport CA 95453

    • Clearlake: 14832 Lakeshore Drive, Clearlake CA 95422

  • The deadline to apply will be 30 days after the fire has been 100% contained by CalFire.

PLEASE NOTE: Redwood Credit Union is covering ALL administrative costs related to the fund administration and disbursement, so 100 percent of the donations to the fund are supporting fire victims. This includes any administrative costs of nonprofits that we've partnered with to provide direct service or fund disbursements to fire survivors.

Over 17,000 people have donated nearly $11 million to the North Bay Fire Relief Fund and we couldn't be more grateful.

Warmest regards,


Mike McGuire