The Redwood Valley Municipal Advisory Council RVMAC is a group of 7 members and 2 alternate members, who serve by appointment of the Board of Supervisors. The function of the RVMAC is to act as an advisory group and the voice of Redwood Valley residents to the County of Mendocino Board of Supervisors, Planning Commission, and other agencies that take actions affecting the community. Membership on the RVMAC is voluntary (application form for membership may be accessed in the "About RV Mac" section of this website); no members receive any compensation. The RVMAC can't pass laws or regulations. They are under requirements of the Brown Act (see Resources section of this website), which requires OPEN MEETINGS whenever a quorum (4 or more) of members meet or talk. Meeting agendas are posted for public viewing (this website, the RV Post Office, the site of the meeting--usually the Grange/Guild-- and the RV Market) at least 72 hours in advance. For the RVMAC to gain success in influencing Board and other agency decisions, we encourage wide participation by our Redwood Valley neighbors.

RVMAC Members:    

Chris Boyd (Chair), Sheilah Rogers (Vice-Chair), Sandra Berman (Secretary and Alternate member), Katrina Frey (Treasurer), Alex de Grassi, Melinda Hunter, Debra Ramirez, Cassie Taaning

Alternates:        Marybeth Kelly, Sandra Berman

If you are interested in becoming a member of the RV MAC, please follow the link below to fill out an application. MAC members are appointed by the Board of Supervisors. The RV MAC shall have 7 members and 2 alternates. All members shall serve 4 year terms. 

  • Christine Boyd (aka "Wick"), currently the Chair, graduated from UC Irvine and worked for 32 years in local government, including 3 years as Manager of the Orange County Emergency Management Division. Upon retirement, she was a Deputy Fire Marshal/Battalion Chief for a large Southern California fire department. She holds a certificate in Haz Mat Management. Also a part-time instructor in ballet at Mendocino College, Chris and her husband, Tom, have lived in Redwood Valley for over 10 years. They are dedicated to helping maintain our community's rural character.

  • Sheilah Rogers, Vice Chair, moved to Redwood Valley in 1972 and is still grateful to have found the place that she and her husband Steve call home. Sheilah is a recognized pioneer and champion of micro-business development in the U.S. As the founding CEO of Mendocino County’s West Company, she worked with colleagues in California and across the country to recognize locally owned small businesses as the major economic engine of rural economies. She is currently a member of the Mendocino County Food Policy Council.

  • Sandra Berman, Sandra is the co-founder of Moon Gazer Farms in Redwood Valley. She has lived in Redwood Valley for 7 years. Sandra also developed the website for the RVMAC.

  • Katrina Frey, Treasurer of the MAC, graduated from Earldom College and moved to Covelo, where she studied biodynamic farming before founding the organic, Biodynamic Frey Vineyards, Ltd., in Redwood Valley with her husband, Jonathan, and brother-in-law, Matthew. Working jobs from grape picker to her current position as Executive Director, Katrina is treasurer of Taste of Redwood Valley, board member of the Demeter Assoc., a past director on the RV Water District, among other offices. In 2004, she helped spearhead the passing of the Mendocino County initiative banning GMO crops and animals.

  • Alex de Grassi graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Economic Geography, but has since pursued a career as a recording artist and internationally touring concert guitarist. He and his wife, Alison, moved to Redwood Valley from San Francisco in 1994, where both are active members of the Mendocino County community. For more information, please visit .

  • Debra Ramirez

  • Marybeth Kelly, a founder of the fight against Dollar General in RV, is the senior Alternate member of the MAC. She is also busy as an Executive member and rental manager for the Redwood Valley Grange, a volunteer for Plowshares, and the Chair if the RVMAC Ad Hoc Committee to update the Community Action Plan. Marybeth holds a BS in Field Biology from San Luis Obispo and a teaching credential, and served as an officer in the Army Signal Corps from 1978-89. Marybeth worked for 14 years as a field engineer for Pac Bell and taught science and math for 12 years at Eagle Peak Middle School. She has lived in Redwood Valley for many years with her son, Joshua, and loves reading, animal rescue, raising chickens, and photography.

Supervisor Carre Brown administers service oath to newest alternate member, Sandra Berman